New Updates to the Un-Textbook

New Updates to the Un-Textbook

Dear Un-Textbook subscribers,

I'm writing to let you know of some forthcoming updates to the Rhetorical Theory Un-Textbook. After the updates are complete, I'll plan to remove this message from the main page.  If you would no longer like to subscribe to the textbook, feel free to change your account information by logging into your ghost account or by contacting me directly.

Updates from Spring 2022

There are a number of updates that we have already implemented that I'd like to share with you! These include:

  • Students should no longer need to use an email sign-in for any of the front-page Un-Textbook chapters. Newer courses will still require a subscription to access entries.
  • I have created a short survey for the Un-Textbook designed for instructors and students at different institutions. It is by default anonymous unless users elect to include identifying information. The survey is located on the "About" page, and here is a direct link as well.
  • A newly completed course, "The Rhetoric of Secrecy and Surveillance."
  • A "contributors" tab that includes all of the folks who have written content that appears within the Un-Textbook. This will continue to be updated as new courses and content are added.
  • The inclusion of  "additional resources" at the end of each of the main "Un-Textbook" chapters and "Rhetoric of Secrecy and Surveillance" entries.
  • All chapters (except, I believe, for one unit of "the Secrecy Situation") should now have at the minimum audio versions (thanks to my very helpful Spring 2022 reasearch assistants, Makayala Hillukka and Milena Yishak).
  • All of the "Un-Textbook" chapters and "Rhetoric of Secrecy and Surveillance" entries now contains a "how to cite" guidance at the bottom.

Forthcoming Updates

  • The major update you should be aware of is that the site will be undergoing some minor re-design in May-June 2022. All of the existing chapters will be re-posted to ensure that chapter 1 appears at the top of the page and chapter 14 at the bottom. Links to "The Rhetoric of Secrecy and Surveillance" and "Graduate Survey of Rhetorical Theory" will also appear as thumbnails on the main page. This may mean that there will be one day between May and June that you will recieve a number of emails from the Un-Textbook indicating that these chapters have been posted. I apologize for cluttering your inboxes; if  there were another way, I would have taken it!
  • Approximately three of the entries in "The Rhetoric of Secrecy and Surveillance" are still under construction, including "The Police and the Detective," "Dark Sousveillance," and "Algorithm." There are materials listed for each of these entries, but I am planning additions that should be more complete by Spring 2023, when I next teach this course.
  • "The Settler Situation" will get a third part on the differences between post-, anti-, and de-coloniality.
  • Thanks to Shane Nackerud and Tina Tran of the UMN Libraries, a OER Pressbook version of the book should also be out by Fall 2022.
  • A grad-level course on Rhetorical Theory should be posted in its preliminary form by the end of the summer. That will probably take some time to sharpen up, but it's in the works.

Please know if that you would like to contribute to the Un-Textbook or have suggestions for how to make this resource better, I am very open to these sorts of requests. My hope is that we can continue to grow the resource as a way to (1) make online modalities of teaching more accessible/easier to justify and (2) widen understanding about the affordances of a rhetorical studies curriculum.

That's it for now! Hope you all have a great summer!

- Atilla Hallsby